My son used to wake up between 7-8 am

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He’s 10 months old and I have issues with him waking up at 6 when he used to wake up around 7-8am. He’s taking 2 naps and sleeps through out the night but he’s not a very good napper, never has been haha


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    I am having the same exact issue. I’m thinking my 10 month old might be ready for one nap, but I’m not ready. Lol when are your nap times and bed time?

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    What time does he go to bed ? When my son was about 10 months old, he started waking up earlier and earlier. We found that moving his bed time a bit earlier helped him sleep longer. It was tough for a few weeks but he got through it and started waking up early again.

  • Bed time is 630pm and nap times are at 1030 & 230. I read, this is for sleep trained babies, that it’s just a sleep regression and it takes a couple of weeks. I almost dropped a nap but I read the signs and it really is a regression because he keeps refusing his second nap. These last couple days he’s been waking up at 7 so I’m hoping we came over this hump! Lol I hope this helped a little

  • His bed time was already at 630 pm! I’ve been keeping to his schedule and I think it’s starting to pay off because he’s waking up at 640-7 now but still missing that 8 am wake lol

  • Hello,

    Can someone please give me an advice how are your babies sleeping through the night?

  • You need to make sure you have a good nap schedule and a good milk intake during the day. Sleep promotes sleep 😊 the total amount of sleep per day depends on the age of the baby as well as the time they can tolerate being awake for between naps.

    say your baby is 6months old:

    7am awake and milk feed

    8am breakfast

    9am 1st nap

    11am milk feed (or whenever they wake up)

    12pm Lunch

    1pm (ish) 2nd nap

    2pm milk feed

    4pm 3rd nap

    5pm dinner

    5:45 bath

    6pm milk feed before bed

    6:15pm bed

    (Or it may be a 7 bedtime but it all

    depends on the lengths of the naps!)

    hope this helps :)