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Ask Relationship Expert & Clinical Psychologist Dr. Tracy Dalgleish Anything!

It’s Mental Health Awareness month, and we are excited to welcome Dr. Tracy Dalgleish back to the Nanit Community! Dr. Tracy helps empower women and couples to improve their communication and build strong and healthy connections with themselves and their partner through therapy, wellness seminars, and her work outside of the therapy room.

Dr. Tracy contributes to popular media sites, including Motherly, Huffington Post, and Bustle. In addition to hosting the podcast, “I’m not your shrink” where she dives deeper into clinical knowledge and research in a relatable and informal way, Dr. Tracy has an online community, Be Connected, that helps women learn the key skills and tools she teaches her clients in her office every single day. 

A mom of two young children and owner of Ottawa’s mental health clinic, Integrated Wellness, she knows what it means to balance the full load.

How does an Ask Me Anything work?

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Questions you could ask Dr. Tracy:

  • My partner feels like a roommate to me since baby. How can we rekindle our connection with each other?
  • I am experiencing feelings of guilt about being away from my baby. How can I feel better and still have a sense of self?
  • How can I better care for myself if I am the primary caregiver?

*Dr. Tracy will attempt to answer as many questions as possible, but due to volume she may not be able to answer each question individually.



  • Mama2one
    Mama2one Member

    Single mum struggling with patience. Baby is 13months old and currently going through some difficult behavioural phase with tantrums, fussiness, more crying and restlessness. Also has a poor appetite so fussy eating is another issue. I'm at my wits end with lack of patience plus having a full time job. How do you become more patient and understanding?

  • I definitely have all these questions:

    • My partner feels like a roommate to me since baby. How can we rekindle our connection with each other? 
    • I am experiencing feelings of guilt about being away from my baby. How can I feel better and still have a sense of self?
    • How can I better care for myself if I am the primary caregiver?

    RCBCT Member

    Hello! We have a 19 month old girl and we noticed she is starting to hit mom when she has a tantrum, she does not hit dad (yet, lol) we are curious on how we should handle this and how we can affect positive change and have our daughter stop hitting mom. Thank you

  • Rocwave
    Rocwave Member

    How do you share the mental workload? I am the planner and while my partner does other tasks, the running grocery list/do these clothes fit/what will this kiddo bring for lunch tomorrow gets overwhelming and I become resentful. We'll have an argument, things will change for about a week, and then the old habits kick in. Any strategies other than writing it all down on a big pad of paper?

  • sabrinag
    sabrinag Unconfirmed, Member

    My 2 years never want to brush her teeth and it is a constant battle every time. She’s too young to do it properly herself and refuse my help pushing me and kicking me..I tried every toothbrush and tooth paste possible and try to make it fun for her but unsuccessful. The only way I can brush her teeth is with the help of my partner restraining her a bit while I brush and she usually fight back and kick. I hate to restrain her but is it ok to do so?

  • Kel
    Kel Member
    edited May 5

    My baby is 8 months old and currently sleeps in bed with me. My husband travels for work about 90% of the year so I take on the main parenting role. I’ve tried a few times to get him to sleep in his crib but I end up getting only 2 hours of sleep and that’s after I’ve given in and brought him to the bed. Personally I enjoy him sleeping in my bed. However I know the older he gets the harder the transition will be. What is the best way to transition him?

  • Hi!

    My 14 month old has been experiencing what we believe is separation anxiety before bedtime. He's always been a fantastic sleeper and seems to have no issues when he is at daycare going down for his nap. We are noticing some increase anxiety at drop of a week but are assuming that has to do with alot of turnover of staff at his daycare.

    We are trying to remain consistent in our bedtime time, routine, and not prolonging goodbyes. We try to let him have time to soothe himself and take a progressive increase approach in time if we go in. When we go in we try not to pick him up but try to help soothe him in the crib. I know consistency is the most helpful for kiddos but is there anything more or different we should be doing to help our little one feel more secure?

  • MomsRstrong
    MomsRstrong Member
    edited May 5

    Can postpartum happen 10 months after birth? I'm struggling to understand whether or not I'm experiencing postpartum depression at 10 month or just simply depression and if its normal to have these feelings below:

    - I still struggle with accepting my body change, weight gain and recovering from an episiotomy to date. I don't recognize myself .

    -I feel like my husband and I are roommates bc we haven't had any intimacy since we found out we were pregnant in Sept. 2020 ( we had several miscarriages and we're scared to have another one so we stopped the intimacy)

    -we have 2 dogs, one who is completely jealous of our son. Since my son was born one of the two dogs is giving us hard time and urinating inside house which he never did prior to our son . My husband wants to get rid of the dogs and I feel like I can't but now being forced to for the sake of our "marriage" and can't help to fee resentment even though I understand my husband frustration.

    -I'm feeling guilty knowing I'll have to go to work FT and knowing I'll have to leave my son for most of the day that sometimes I feel like I just want to quit my job.

  • How do you deal with a partner that constantly complains:

    -about house not being maintained

    - Baby lead weaning is just a waste of money and food since baby only eats 10 %of what we put on his plate and rest ends up on floor or food tray

    How do you coparent with partner that expects baby to sleep in to husband schedule instead of the other way around resulting in mama being primary care giver, in addition to working FT?

    How to deal with husband wanting another child, yet husband does not take role of primary care giver ?

  • Anastasiya
    Anastasiya Member


    I have a 16 months old girl.

    You posted about children not being heard and seen and therefore becoming perfectionists, controlling and etc. How do you teach them to help out around the house (which the most likely don’t want to do), help in general, be kind and compassionate and etc. without saying “good job” and using positive reinforcement if it potentially can lead to above mentioned issues? Basically where is a limit goes with teaching responsibilities and not over doing it so they don’t shut themselves and their needs for future to come? Any books you could suggest?

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